Schedule a Field Trip

Bring your school, club, civic organization or company!

First, please give us your primary contact, group name, address and phone number by email at or by calling 708-448-4469. Please note, we have a variety of tasks for just about every age older than 8. Anyone younger than 8 will not be permitted to volunteer at our facility.

When visiting Share Your Soles for a day of service, we ask each attendee to make a $5 per person contribution upon arrival. These donations insure that our doors stay open and those in need will receive shoes. If you contact us by phone, we’re happy to explain the levels of participation for a day at Share Your Soles. We will also email you a packet containing information regarding hosting a shoe drive. If you prefer posters for your drop-site and shoe-drive, as well as brochures and a selection of recent news and media articles describing our work, please let us know. We invite you to use these materials to engage students and employees before their visit. We also describe the overall field trip and shoe drive process with your contact person. We explain the responsibility of getting shoes sorted, boxed and delivered to our Pullman processing center. We encourage schools to do a shoe drive first, then during their field trip to our Pullman location, they can assist in processing the shoes that they have collected. We ask that each school has a basic ratio of 1 adult to 5 students.

This is the fun part: We schedule a day for the field-trip well ahead of time; Thursday and Saturday are volunteer days. After you arrive at a pre-arranged time, we tour the Historic Stables which has now become our sorting center.  We talk about the history of Share Your Soles as well as interesting facts about this building. Upon Entry you will get to see all of the awards and newspaper articles about our work over the years. Mona Purdy*, Founder and Executive Director, talks about the challenges of creating the foundation in her garage and transitioning to a world-wide operation.  A video or slideshow will be presented showing the effect of your volunteer efforts; the people who receive shoes, how Share Your Soles works, and how it began. With larger groups we will break up into smaller groups to complete the different tasks like sorting and organizing the shoes.

We are really looking forward to providing a day of education — to teach children about caring and sharing!

* As schedule allows