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“When you choose to make a difference in an innocent child’s life, you bring love, hope and a sense of belonging into his or her life – as well as your own.”

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The Late Edmund Stangel

Edmund Stangel was born the eldest son of immigrant parents from Austria. In order to financially help out his parents, he quit school at 12 years of age and became a milk man. He delivered bottles of milk using a horse and wagon. After WWII broke out, Ed figured he could serve his country and send his pay home monthly to support his parents and their expanded family of five. While on a submarine after joining the Navy, he contracted Spinalmenigitis. He re-enlisted for another tour after his recovery, where he served in the Korean War. He later met his wife and began a family. He went to night school in order to secure his GED so he was better educated to support his growing family of five. Within the next few years, he went from a Local 2 Elevator repair man to the Business Agent. He was a one-man success story. He has under him a term as a Mayor in Missouri, A Marshall and Sheriff, as well as Dad. Edmund was the father of our very own Founder, Mona Purdy.
We are very saddened by our loss of such an inspirational and hardworking man who played such an important role for us at Share Your Soles. Here, he had obtained the titles friend, advisor, family, and board member. In his honor, we are so proud to announce that we will be naming our processing center after him!!!