History of Us

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Pullman, Chicago.

The model industrial town of Pullman, Illinois had its beginning on May 26, 1880. This town was the physical expression of an idea born and nurtured in the mind of George M. Pullman (1831–1897), president of Pullman’s Palace Car Company. 

By developing a total environment, superior to that available to the working class elsewhere, Pullman hoped to attract the most skilled workers to build his luxury rail cars, and to attain greater productivity as a result of the better health and spirit of his employees. He hired architect Solon S. Beman (1853-1914), landscape architect Nathan F. Barrett (1845–1919) and civil engineer, Benzette Williams (1844–1917), to help him realize his vision.

The 4,000-acre tract selected for the factory and town lay in the open prairie and marsh land along the western shore of Lake Calumet, approximately 13 miles south of Chicago. The town would have accessibility to the big city markets and railroad connections throughout the entire country. It was linked to Chicago and the southern states by the Illinois Central Railroad and to the world by Lake Calumet’s connection to Lake Michigan and the St. Lawrence River.” Read more here.