Share Your Soles is 90% volunteer based, so we are always looking for help! Our volunteers come in for service hours, court hours, or just to feel better about themselves helping make a change in the world. We get individuals, families or a wide variety of groups which includes work groups, schools, troops, church groups, classes, and teams.

Our message is not about the shoes. The shoes are a vessel used to educate those who come in to volunteer. We want to give them the opportunity to learn about their world, and the plights of others living in countries they may have never heard of. Continents they have read about, but have no understanding of. Why would a pair of crocs be needed in South Sudan? Why are winter boots not needed in Haiti? Our education goes beyond Geographic’s though, more importantly we are teaching sharing. How one small change can change someone else’s life, and how because of them, we are changing the world one pair at a time.
*Volunteering is on a scheduled basis only. You must contact us first!


Bring your school, club, civic organization or company!

First, please contact us to give us your primary contact, group name, address and phone number by email at info@shareyoursoles.org. Please note, we have a variety of tasks for just about every age older than 8. Anyone younger than 8 will not be permitted to volunteer at our facility.
After you contact us, we will choose a date, send you our volunteer packet, and go over all the details of participation for a day at Share Your Soles. We explain the responsibility of getting shoes sorted, boxed and delivered to our Pullman processing center. We encourage schools to do a shoe drive first, then during their field trip to our Pullman location, they can assist in processing the shoes that they have collected.
Currently, our volunteer days are Thursdays and Saturdays, but please contact us if  you prefer a different day.
Volunteers under the age of 16 MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian. We ask that all volunteers remain in the building until they have completed their volunteer hours. This is mandatory; it is for your safety and the safety of all volunteers.

Event Volunteers

We host a variety of events throughout the year and are always looking for reliable help. Some of our events are offsite and may include a gala, 5K, and shoe sales. Please reach out if you feel an interest in volunteering for events or are qualified to help!

Conduct a Shoe Drive

**Please contact us before conducting a shoe drive! We have guidelines on our shoe drives, and unfortunately, we are unable to recognize groups or individuals who proceed with shoe drives without contacting us first!
Conducting a shoe drive would consist of an individual or group collecting quality shoes within their community and bringing them to our facility. By doing a shoe drive, you are helping change the quality of life for others. Heading up a shoe drive is incredibly rewarding, and shows skills in leadership and responsibility. We will provide you a shoe drive packet containing information regarding hosting a shoe drive, tips, policies, how to get people engaged to get the best quality of shoes, and how to get the shoes to us. If you are interested, please email us at info@shareyoursoles.org!