Join the Challenge!

Looking for a great way to challenge yourself while supporting a great cause? The Swallow Cliff Stair Stepper Challenge is the perfect challenge for you! Swallow Cliff stairs were the old toboggan shoots back in the day. Now, the site attracts fitness buffs from all over to trek up the stairs then loop around to the return steps. The upside has 125 limestone stairs and another side of 189.

What if every time you made a loop, you raised money for those in need of shoes? That’s the idea.


“We can’t walk in their shoes, let them walk in ours” Our mission is simple: “To provide gently worn/new shoes to those in greatest need around the world.” Your shoe donation gives someone the hope for a better, healthier tomorrow. Donating shoes to the Share Your Soles shoe charity is a great way to donate gently used shoes. Share Your Soles® is a non-profit organization 501(c)(3); donating parties are eligible for tax advantages. Donate shoes today.

Volunteer with us

Three things that keep our wheels moving forward:

Financial Support

Contact us via email for information on how to host an event/fundraiser or volunteer session. For a faster response please be sure to include all of your contact information, group affiliation, and specific information you are seeking (whether it be corporate, educational. or fundraising).